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Board of Directors

Current Officers & Board

President: Fred Burdick, Stonington, CT

Vice President: Alice Sheriff, New London, CT

Secretary: Carol Nelson, Vernon, CT

Membership Secretary: Greg Thompson: East Haven, CT

Treasurer: Vincent Pitts, North Haven, CT

Board Member: Gladys Chase, North Stonington, CT

Board Member: Richard Marquardt, Groton, CT

Board Member: Patty Oat, Noank, CT

Newsletter Editor: Cathy Blaisdell Johnson. Cathy also represents the Ebenezer Avery House in their partnership with the Thames River Heritage Park.

Historian: Vincent Pitts, North Haven, CT

Genealogist: Greg Thompson, East Haven, CT


Stephanie Lantiere passed away on July 16, 2020.
Her husband of 41 years Joe died on May 25, 2021.